Project: AKRA by E.A. Szabelski

Project: AKRA by E.A. SzabelskiProject: AKRA by E.A. Szabelski
Series: VayneLine Chronicles #1
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 86

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Raist was genetically engineered to be smarter, faster, stronger, and the leader of the most elite Solarian military team that has never lost. His group is contacted with a mission worth the risk of such a valuable asset: recovering the enigmatic secret known only as AKRA. Given unlimited resources, his team must assault a hostile planet that has staved off all attacks. With a horrifying discovery that threatens to affect the very framework of reality, everything he has may not be enough.


This is a stand-alone story that is part of the VayneLine Chronicles series, they are all connected but do not need to be read in order. This series explores humanity’s near future of living across the stars and under foreign occupation. After Earth was environmentally devastated amidst a nuclear war the Aelisha empire steps in and save us at a high cost. In return for being uplifted and given their advanced technology, humanity becomes a subservient race for their empire. The stories blend fast-paced action with deep philosophical questions regarding time, fate, and individual will. The stories do not need to be read in order but each story ties together in a larger narrative.

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