Real Ugly by C.M. Stunich

Real Ugly by C.M. StunichReal Ugly by C.M. Stunich
Series: Hard Rock Roots #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 300

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WARNING: You are about to dive into a dark, gritty world of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. Don't start reading unless you're into true love, hot sex,music that touches the soul, and tall as f*ck roller coasters. Thisseries will make you laugh, cry, sweat, hate, love, think, and wonder.You will be torn in two and sewn back together, and you'll want it tohappen all the h*ll over again. The characters in this book will driveyou crazy, and they'll curse like sailors. We all love the word f*ck. Alot.

Don't turn the page unless you're ready to get torn apart like the world's hardest rock riff.

"These are real people with real problems. This is real life, and it's real f*cked up."

Turner Campbell is an a**hole.
I f*cking hate him.
But I can't get enough either.
He sings like an angel and f*cks like a devil.
If I could, I'd run away and never look back because to tell you the truth, I think this man might be the death of me.

& & &

Naomi Knox is a b*tch.
I can't f*cking stand her.
But I can't stop thinking about her either.
She looks like an angel and plays like a devil.
If I could, I'd f*ck her good and forget all about her, but to tell you the truth, I think this woman might be my last saving grace.

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