Redemption by Cara Carnes

Redemption by Cara CarnesRedemption by Cara Carnes
Series: The Rending #1
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 143

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There’s no soft in war…

Mira survived years in a secret prison, one she must return to and somehow rescue the people she left behind. The so-called peace treaty between the Paraspecies and humanity is fracturing, but she must seek help from the Alpha wolf she left behind. But how can she prove an imprisonment she barely believes herself?

He’ll risk anything for another chance…

The Impure female from his past returns with a tale too gruesome to be false. The human government has imprisoned the genetically tainted humans they ostracized. Adrik wants to help, but the pack and Redemption are in turmoil. Dare he risk them all for one woman?

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