Reluctant Gods by A.J. Aaron

Reluctant Gods by A.J. AaronReluctant Gods by A.J. Aaron
Series: Reluctant Gods #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 251

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Book one of this different fantasy series about reincarnated lovers.

Reluctant Gods” asks you to imagine waking up one Saturday morning and learning that you are literally a god with the power to save the world. Your grandmother, Aysel, is an ancient mystic who showed you the secrets behind the trap door. Well, this scenario happened to Sevilen, an engineer with a back problem. Within 24 hours of Aysel’s death, his health is restored. Then, he inherits $77 billion and learns he can telepathically transport to another dimension. He meets Alexander, a trusted servant and four new angels - Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Auriel. Together, these super humans will help him reunite with his one great love, Leyna, a gorgeous narcissist who misused her power and died in her past lives. But there is one catch: Sevilen must accomplish this before Leyna’s next birthday and the proverbial clock is ticking.

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