Revenge by Nicholas Jordan

Revenge by Nicholas JordanRevenge by Nicholas Jordan
Genres: Contemporary, Thriller
Pages: 237

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A prank gone too far. A retaliation no one saw coming.

16-year-old Taylor's life is far from perfect. Her best friend Ruby on the other hand, pretty much has the entire school wrapped around her finger. She does whatever she wants without any fear of consequences, and that includes tormenting and belittling their classmate Malcom, a socially awkward guy with a bad habit of objectifying girls.

But when Ruby's latest prank on Malcom goes too far, neither Ruby nor Taylor is prepared for the backlash that comes their way. Malcom has taken the abuse from Ruby and others for years, but when he finally snaps and decides that he's not going to take it anymore, Taylor ends up caught in the crossfire and gets kidnapped by Malcom.

What does he intend to do to her? Can she appeal to whatever good their might be left in him to convince him to let her go, or has he already gone too far off the deep end without any hope of ever coming back?

If you're a fan of dark and suspenseful thrillers where the stakes are high and the story is fast-paced then Revenge is the book for you!

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