Detention by Claire Chilton

Detention by Claire ChiltonDetention by Claire Chilton
Series: The Outliers #1
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 61

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She’s been sentenced to teenage prison...

When Carla Mainston is sentenced to two weeks in juvenile detention for dirtying someone else’s carpet, she promises to never break the rules again—no matter how stupid they are.

She thinks that the worst that can happen is she'll be bored to death, but it seems that the wicked warden of the institute plans to keep her imprisoned indefinitely in the detention center, along with all the other kids trapped behind its dark walls.

In an attempt to escape, Carla discovers the monster on the fourth floor and uncovers a darker purpose to the institution. She will have to fight for her freedom if she wants to go home. She will have to break all the rules if she wants to survive...

Detention is a YA futuristic funny scifi story in The Outliers, a fantasy comedy series set in a colorful future world.

Hustle by Claire Chilton

Hustle by Claire ChiltonHustle by Claire Chilton
Series: The Hunted Hearts #1
Genres: Contemporary, Mystery, Romance
Pages: 157

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After ripping off a dangerous mob boss, Ellie Phillips decides it’s time to quit hustling and give up her life of crime. She just needs a big score. Then she can give up the grift and start anew.

When she steals a map from Jacob Hawkins that shows the location of a huge heart-shaped diamond, she decides it’s time to go treasure hunting. It’s just one last hustle before she goes straight.

She thinks she’s made a clean getaway when she jets off to South America with the map, but Jacob isn’t letting it or Ellie get away so easily. With the mob hot on her trail and the bullets flying, she finally meets her match when she ends up in Jacob’s sights.

A Hint of Magic: Bewitched by Magic by Claire Chilton

A Hint of Magic: Bewitched by Magic by Claire ChiltonA Hint of Magic: Bewitched by Magic by Claire Chilton
Series: The Demon Diaries - Origins #1
Genres: Mystery, Paranormal
Pages: 122

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She's looking for a hint of magic in her world...

Dora Carridine is fed up with her life as a preacher’s daughter and sets out to explore the darker side of life instead. If she can find some magic in the world, then maybe she will find a place she belongs.

When she comes across a coven of witches, she takes on their trials to try and join them. But the witches aren’t all they appear to be, and Dora finds herself slipping into a darker world than she imagined.

She has to make a choice to do the right thing, but Dora’s never been very good at doing anything right…

A Hint of Magic is the first satirical supernatural story in the paranormal comedy series The Demon Diaries.