Modern Adventures with Monster Girls by Hayden Harper

Modern Adventures with Monster Girls by Hayden HarperModern Adventures with Monster Girls by Hayden Harper
Series: Modern Adventures with Monster Girls #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 55

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Bright meets The Bachelor in Modern Adventures with Monster Girls


Archibald Newblood has an embarrassing magical problem and is determined to never be a victim again. Bouncing from group home to group home in a world full of monsters, Arch knows that it’s dangerous to dream. The only person he can count on is himself and only hard work will secure his future as he ages out and high school graduation approaches. All Arch wants is stay out of trouble, win an art contest that could give him a college scholarship, and keep the magic reason for his abuse a secret.

The universe has other plans.

His lizardman best friend has dragged him into the crosshairs of a rival gang. His foster sister, the beautiful mothwoman Nairy, reappears after aging out and vanishing a year ago. And his sweet, innocent neighbor somehow got him an interview with the mysterious company, Kraken Reach. Nothing in Arch’s life will ever be simple again. He will face dangerous enemies and befriend a number of intriguing, inhuman people who will teach him what life and love are really about.

Of course, how that goes is entirely up to you…

Broken Curse by Hayden Harper

Broken Curse by Hayden HarperBroken Curse by Hayden Harper
Series: The Horned Mage #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 84

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Caleb Marshal is horny. No seriously, he's under a curse and has grown up with a set of antlers growing from his head. Now he's in his second semester of college and hoping to find a way to break his curse because not only does he have antlers, but the curse is preventing him from using his magic. Fortunately his beautiful best friend is a very skilled mage.

Unfortunately, Caleb's professor would rather study his curse than help him break it. It's up to Caleb to break it on his own. Only he might have been better off before breaking it, because now he's got a whole host of complicated problems new problems, most of them stemming from his new magical connection to his best friends stepsister. She's in trouble with some meth dealers and now so is Caleb. Will his new powers be enough to keep them safe? Or has he only created even bigger problems for himself and those he cares about?