365 Days Alone by Nancy Isaak

365 Days Alone by Nancy Isaak365 Days Alone by Nancy Isaak
Series: The 365 Days Quadrilogy #1
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 507

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For fans of "The Hunger Games", "The Maze Runner", and "Lord of the Flies"--a gripping dystopian page-turner from the pen of Gemini-nominated writer, Nancy Isaak.
Like most American teenage girls, Kaylee and Jay have lived surrounded by technology, each moment of their lives recorded and shared across vast social networks. Their lives are relatively easy, with food is in their fridges, clothes are in their closets, and entertainment a mere remote control click away.
Until one day, they wake up to find it all gone!
Overnight, their world has stopped working--cars, planes, electricity...even batteries. No more technology, no more social media, no more instant gratification.
And the worst thing...everyone has disappeared!
Parents, friends, schoolmates--all gone.
Now, it's just two frightened teenage girls seemingly all alone--useless smartphones clutched in their hands--confused, scared, and completely unprepared to survive this strange new world.
Until--they arrive.
The girls with guns.