The Last Alley by Michelle Erickson & Trishelle Erickson

The Last Alley by Michelle Erickson & Trishelle EricksonThe Last Alley by Michelle Erickson, Trishelle Erickson
Series: House of Cards #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 322

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When Sarah’s pitched through the front window of the safe house, she survives the resulting crash only to find herself on Lurker-filled streets.

She needs to find hallowed ground. Instead, she’s dragged into the Last Alley.

Stranded inside are others.

Sal’s a Magic-Born, who has a way with bags that has to be seen before it can be believed.
There’s Dee, who seems detached from the world, but attached to the alley wall.
And Ronnie, who is being hunted for the book she carries.

They need sanctuary before the Lurker King caps and shrouds them.

They have one hope: to get to the Tapestry.
Sarah doesn’t know where it is and her spark’s awake.