From the Dark by Andy Huang

From the Dark by Andy HuangFrom the Dark by Andy Huang
Series: Nightfall #1
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 279

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A former bomber pilot finds a cerebral implant with a mystery inside. A Navy lieutenant hears a cybernetic call from an assassinated president. An Undersecretary of Defense stumbles upon a plot that leads them to the heart of the Federation - and the darkness within.

In a space-faring future, the Whisper, a cybernetic spacecraft piloting technology, is being pushed for widespread military adoption. Its past, however, is shrouded in governmental cover-up, and comes with secrets all its own.

Drawn into a conspiracy, Gerrard, Inca, and Strontium must unravel the threads, face an oncoming war, and find from the darkness a form of humanity - one they can still believe in.

Packed with space battles, pirates, and political/spy intrigue, From the Dark is "gripping and intense," "a wild trip of a book," and "dark, telling and oh, so compelling."