Speak No Evil by Tanya Anne Crosby

Speak No Evil by Tanya Anne CrosbySpeak No Evil by Tanya Anne Crosby
Series: Oyster Point Thriller #1
Genres: Contemporary, Mystery, Thriller
Pages: 376

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If you love a gripping Southern suspense, USA Today bestselling SPEAK NO EVIL is for you. Lifting the veil of secrecy on a grand Southern family in decline. New York Times bestselling author Tanya Anne Crosby explores the lives of Caroline, Augusta, and Savannah Aldridge, three sisters who share a dark past and an uncertain future...

After the death of their mother, a newspaper heiress, Caroline Aldridge steps up to head the paper. But a killer is making headlines, and Caroline may have unwittingly stepped into the crosshairs. Even as she mends the tattered bonds of sisterhood, a sinister force beyond their control may tear them apart forever…