The Christmas Truce by Palmer Jones

The Christmas Truce by Palmer JonesThe Christmas Truce by Palmer Jones
Series: Rosalind Brewery Series
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 77

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Business is business until someone changes the rules of the game…

Emma Singleton has one goal when she travels to Chicago: take down Miles Almeida. The bossy, egotistical man might be CEO of his wildly profitable communications company, but he acts like he runs the world. For the past few months, Miles has been a pain in her butt with his around-the-clock demands for perfection. But that stops now.
She’s ready to prove that she’s not a pushover, finish their business deal, and leave. Dealing with Miles and Christmas has her counting down the days until she flies home to Virginia, away from the lights, sounds, and painful memories of the holidays.

Miles Almeida wants to finalize the merger with Emma’s company and move on with his life. But one glimpse of the beautiful, stubborn woman changes his plans. The hard-nosed businesswoman meets him toe-to-toe at every turn, never giving an inch and driving him absolutely crazy in the process. And when she ends up sick, Miles’s protective instincts kick into high gear, and the boardroom is forgotten.
He only has one weekend with Emma. Finding ways to help her celebrate Christmas, showing her around his Chicago, is the best gift he can give.

Can the two of them call a truce long enough to spend one incredible weekend together?