Tarnished Saints’ Christmas by Elizabeth Rose

Tarnished Saints’ Christmas by Elizabeth RoseTarnished Saints' Christmas by Elizabeth Rose
Series: Tarnished Saints Series #0.5
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 114

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The Taylor Twelve: (Sons of a preacher but far from saints, these boys are nothing but trouble!)

Take a look back into the lives of the 12 Taylor men when they were children. Told by the eldest son, Thomas, you will be swept into one memorable Christmas to discover how the boys earned the title of Bad Boys of Sweetwater and Tarnished Saints.

Each chapter is devoted to one of the brothers to show the trouble they caused with their wild ways. Pay attention, because each boy's event is the catalyst that is the basis of their individual stories when they are men.

You'll also be introduced to their meddlesome Aunt Cappy who plays a big role as matchmaker in the boys' lives later on.

The prequel is followed up by excerpts from each of the men's individual books to give you a sample of what is to come. This is the prequel to a 12 book series, but each book can stand alone.