Mageborn by Dayne Edmondson

Mageborn  by Dayne EdmondsonMageborn by Dayne Edmondson
Series: The Mageborn Saga #1
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 285

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Emma was a normal teenage girl before her twin nearly burned her to death.

When Emma and her brother discover they have magic, they are visited by an archmage of a school for mages. They embark on a journey, but it becomes fraught with peril as a deranged cult captures them. Using every trick in their book, and with the help of unexpected allies, they struggle to not only survive in the wilderness but foil a dangerous plot involving a world-ending artifact.

Can Emma and her allies overcome overwhelming odds and stop the cult before it's too late?

The first book in a new series by author Dayne Edmondson, "Mageborn" takes place twenty years after "Shadows Fall" and features cameos from characters past.