Right Back Where by C.E. Kilgore

Right Back Where by C.E. KilgoreRight Back Where by C.E. Kilgore
Series: Welcome to Alvarado #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 187

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Sam’s ended up right back where he started – the small Texas town he swore he’d never step foot in again after making fast tracks to SMU. He’s not the young, gay kid he was when he left. He has a music degree now, with no job and is about to lose his dorm room… Shit.

When an old friend has him coming back to where he started, Sam struggles to deal with old memories and an unexpected reality. Things in Alvarado aren’t exactly how he remembers them, and neither is his arch nemesis Cody Greene.

When the two men get stuck together by a promise, the hated memories that Sam’s bitterly held onto for five years begin to unravel. When the dust settles, Sam and Cody have to decide if they can let go of the past to build a future.

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