Rock Star by Tabitha Levin

Rock Star by Tabitha LevinRock Star by Tabitha Levin
Series: The Rock Star #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 212

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Just another notch on his studded rock star belt?

Journalist Lauren Miller never gets involved with the talent. Not even when they are as hot as the lead singer of The Soft Burns, Stark Stone. Except when Stark ends up in her hotel room naked, she’s not going to knock back that gift. No one has to know, it’ll be one night.

Stark can’t get the fiery journalist out of his head. First there’s the sex - oh god, the sex. No wonder he can’t concentrate on his career. The guys will understand, he has needs and Lauren fulfils every one of them. Except things are getting serious and rock stars don’t do serious. It’ll ruin his reputation and maybe his sanity as well. He’ll have to break it off before someone gets hurt. If he can.

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