Rose of the Oath: A Beauty and the Beast Novella by Hope Ann

Rose of the Oath: A Beauty and the Beast Novella by Hope AnnRose of the Oath: A Beauty and the Beast Novella by Hope Ann
Series: Legends of Light #1
Genres: Christian, Fantasy
Pages: 130

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She demanded her brother’s place as prisoner despite his protests. She had time to plot an escape. He did not.

Elissa, a resolute maiden from a small mountain village, knew war was brewing when her brother left her alone with her two younger sisters. His promise of a hasty return held little comfort.

Instead of Eldric’s return, she receives news of his capture by a strange man covered in scars. Despite the threat of wild wolves and advancing rebels, Elissa retraces her brother’s steps.

The decision to take her brother’s place is easy. Convincing Eldric’s captor is harder—not as if she cares what a man cloaked in wolf-skins thinks of her. She’ll not be around for long anyway. All Elissa needs is time for Eldric to make it back to the little ones, then she’ll make her own escape.

Except Elissa soon discovers her true captor isn’t the ancient figure from another age, but instead a prophecy surrounding the lush rose she carries.

Though her strange host claims the ancient promises of the Prince’s victory over the rebels will set them all free, Elissa knows the blood-drenched truth. The land of Aslaria is on its own, and so is she. The only way to help her siblings is to escape the cursed peacefulness of the valley.

For that, no price is too high.

Perfect for those who love fantasy but don’t have the time to sit down for a full-length novel, the first novella in the Legends of Light series presents the story of Beauty and the Beast in a clean, exciting, and inspiring manner. Full of danger, treachery, and the sacrifice of true love, this is more than the mere retelling of a favorite fairy tale.

A stand-alone story, Rose of the Oath focuses on the first fruit of the Spirit, love, while following the opening of the war between the Prince and Tauscher.

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