Royal Playboy: The Prince’s Choice by Leila Haven

Royal Playboy: The Prince’s Choice by Leila HavenRoyal Playboy: The Prince's Choice by Leila Haven
Series: The Prince's Choice #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 233

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Who does Mr. I'm-so-hot Prince think he is? He can't just summon every single girl in the kingdom to come bow down to him.

I can't be the only one that thinks this is ridiculous.

The guy can't even walk through the room without each woman he passes trying to get his attention.

Yup, I'm the only one that can see how ridiculous this is. Unbelievable!

I wish I could wipe that smug grin off his gorgeous face.

Do they not know who he is?
Have they not read the tabloids?
It's amazing that he can keep his pants on with all these women so willing to take them off.

The worst part? He won't leave me alone. The more I ignore him, the more he demands my attention.

I need to get out before I do something stupid. Something stupid like agree to his ridiculous deal...

I shouldn't have to be here. All these fake smiles are enough to drive a man insane.

How could the queen, my mother, think this is a good idea? I've never even kept a woman around until sunrise, and now she wants me to marry one? Right.

But, she's not off her rocker. Not this time.

There's a lot riding on this. A lot more than the public knows. They think I'm just some playboy demanding the attention of every available woman. They think I'm here to satisfy my own urges. If only they knew just how far they were from the truth...

I just hope I choose the right one.

CAUTION! Royal Playboy is a steamy romance with hot sex and strong language.

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