Seventh Son by A.M. Offenwanger

Seventh Son by A.M. OffenwangerSeventh Son by A.M. Offenwanger
Series: The Septimus Series #1
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 212

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Cat was ordinary—until the day a blue bowl whirled her off to a magical medieval world...

Catriona, ex-librarian, dumped by her boyfriend, is just trying to restart her life when she gets sucked into and carried off by a blue pottery bowl. Suddenly thrown into a world where she can't move for mysteries, how is this modern town girl going to cope alone in the woods with a comatose man and a muddy baby? And there's that hint of something sinister...

One thought on “Seventh Son by A.M. Offenwanger

  1. This book was completely satisfying. Tough to put down- the very first book in a long time that I have actually had that ” issue” with! I likewise suggest to read Susan Angel . Thank you so much P.S: I like this site.

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