Shared Blood by Nicholas Jordan

Shared Blood by Nicholas JordanShared Blood by Nicholas Jordan
Series: The Hallworth Chronicles #1
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 355

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Werewolves in the woods. Vampires stalking the streets. Just another day in Havengrove.

Elise Hallworth is a typical 16-year-old girl who loves riding horses and attends church every Sunday with her parents, until one day her parents are no longer around to take her anywhere. Orphaned in an instant, she is shipped away to a remote town called Havengrove to live with the grandmother that she didn't even know she had, in the same house that her mother grew up in. But it isn't long into her stay before Elise realizes that something isn't quite right in Havengrove . . .

Lies are being fed to her, people are dying, and monsters are roaming free. As more and more of the town's secrets are revealed, Elise suddenly finds herself swept up in a centuries old conflict that she wants no part of. But who can she turn to for help? The mysterious golden-eyed boy who seems to be watching her whenever she turns around? Or maybe the handsome stable boy who obviously knows more than he's willing to tell?

But the most shocking revelations of all are what she uncovers about her own family, including the real reason that her mother never told her about Havengrove. What will Elise do when she learns that she was doomed from the moment she was born?

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