Silent Rising by Kliment Dukovski

Silent Rising by Kliment DukovskiSilent Rising by Kliment Dukovski
Series: Flesh and Steel #1
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 132

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For millennia, two rivaling civilizations – the Cyon Empire and the Bion tribes – have been encompassed in a merciless war among themselves which left their worlds in ruins. For the last fifty years their hostilities decreased but both sides know that the war isn’t over yet and that the final battle is close at hand.
However, something stirs in the depths of their planets. A new force is rising that threatens to annihilate both civilizations.
On one side of the front, a broken Cyon will stop at nothing to reclaim what he’s lost. On the other side, a convicted Bion is forced to undertake a mission that will end the war. The future of both worlds now lies in their hands.