Stars of Charon by Sam Coulson

Stars of Charon by Sam CoulsonStars of Charon by Sam Coulson
Series: Legacy of the Thar'esh #1
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 299

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Scientists thought that nothing could survive the terraforming process. But when the chemical fires of creation swept across the surface of Eridani III, something survived. Elicio, a young man with twisted memories of alien lives long past rises from the ashes of the reforged world. With the fate of a colony in the balance, Eli is thrust into an adventure that takes him across the stars in a race to solve the mystery of his origins.

Set in a richly developed universe, the story delves into a world of blazing star-fighters, haggard smugglers, and alien assassins. We follow Eli and companions from world to world searching for answers, working against a secret society that will stop at nothing to re-write history.

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