Starship Conquest:First Conquest by David VanDyke

Starship Conquest:First Conquest by David VanDykeStarship Conquest:First Conquest by David VanDyke
Series: Stellar Conquest #1
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 225

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When the captain and crew of EarthFleet's most powerful dreadnought Conquest is sent on a mission forty light years from Earth, none of them expect to return. To find a home and keep humanity safe from hostile aliens, they must fight to seize a new world, initiating EarthFleet's first conquest of another star system.

Starship Conquest is Book 1 of the Plague Wars: Stellar Conquest series, which carries the Plague Wars series forward a century into the future when humanity turns to the stars to find its destiny. It tells of a bitter battle as EarthFleet smashes into an alien star system in a desperate first strike to save humanity. Follow the starship Conquest as its captain and crew take the fight to Earth's enemies, finding allies and making heroic sacrifices in order to secure the future of Earth's solar system against a hostile universe.

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