Unplanned by Nicholas Jordan

Unplanned by Nicholas JordanUnplanned by Nicholas Jordan
Series: End of Innocence #1
Genres: Contemporary, Thriller
Pages: 249

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One life begins with a careless mistake . . . another ends in coldblooded murder.

After losing his father in a tragic accident, 16-year-old Zachary Miller finds a brief escape from his pain in a one-night stand with Karissa—a perfect stranger. Four months later, she shows up at his door, pregnant with his baby.

Zachary promises Karissa that he'll take responsibility and even allows her to move in, much to his mother's displeasure, but Karissa is not satisfied. The beyond clingy teenager starts to take control of every aspect of Zachary's life, driving a wedge between him and the people closest to him. All the while, Zachary remains unaware of how dangerous the soon-to-be-teen mom truly is.

But what happens when someone winds up dead? Can Zachary discover the truth about Karissa’s intentions, as well as her dark past, before her obsession drives her to destroy his life entirely?

If you're a fan of drama-fueled suspense, twisted one-sided romance, and dark mysteries, then this is the book for you!

Alaskan Dawn by Edie Claire

Alaskan Dawn by Edie ClaireAlaskan Dawn by Edie Claire
Series: Pacific Horizons #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 262

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Haley knew that carrying her twin sister’s baby would be a sacrifice.
She just didn’t know how great.

Pregnant, overworked, and driven to the end of her rope by the neediness of the sister and widowed mother who depend on her, a high-powered young attorney seeks refuge with a week’s vacation on the Alaskan coast. As overachiever Haley soaks up the serenity of her unexpectedly agreeable surroundings, she finds something else she doesn’t expect -- deep feelings for the wildlife-loving boat captain who reminds her how to laugh.

With her unborn niece or nephew on the way and thousands of miles of ocean between their lives and careers, Haley and Ben settle for a friendship. But back home in California, the emptiness in Haley’s heart begins to fester. When her pregnancy takes a frightening turn, she must examine what really matters -- and rediscover the childhood dream she never realized she had lost.

FIRST in the PACIFIC HORIZONS series. In these connected romantic novels, characters facing tragedy, heartbreak, and painful family secrets are drawn to the wild beauty of the natural world. Breaching whales and howling wolves refresh their spirits, but only human love can heal their souls...

The Billionaire’s Secret Pregnant Lover 1: Seduced by the CEO by Danielle Jamesen

The Billionaire’s Secret Pregnant Lover 1: Seduced by the CEO by Danielle JamesenThe Billionaire's Secret Pregnant Lover 1: Seduced by the CEO by Danielle Jamesen
Series: The Billionaire's Secret Pregnant Lover #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 37

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Everything is going right in Mel Vaughn’s life. Her boyfriend, Kyle, has proposed, she’s graduating from college with honors, and she’s got a plan for her future. It couldn’t be more perfect.

Then things start to go wrong, one right after the other. Mel catches her roommate, Amy, naked in Kyle’s bed. After breaking things off with Kyle, the man she thought she was ready to start a life with, she moves back in with her parents. While suffering through the heartbreak, Mel makes a shocking discovery that changes her whole world.

She’s pregnant.

Renegade by Laramie Briscoe

Renegade by Laramie BriscoeRenegade by Laramie Briscoe
Series: Moonshine Task Force #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 268

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When you fall in love with the most unexpected person, at the most unexpected time……

Ryan “Renegade” Kepler

I’m the type of man who knows what I want. I make up my mind and stay in my lane, never veering off the course I set for myself.

Going into the military? Did it. Youngest member of the Moonshine Task Force? That’s me. Get my best friend’s older sister in bed? It was my pleasure.

Age means nothing to me. I’ve seen and done things men twice my age never will. What I want more than anything is someone to share my life with and that person is my best friend's older sister, Whitney.

Whitney Trumbolt

Ryan is ten years my junior, but damn, being a cougar never felt as good as it did the night we spent together. Now I’m struggling with wanting things to either go back to the way they were or spend every night in his arms.

Make my wedding planning company the best in the south? Did it. Ignore the way my body trembles when I see Ryan? Epic fail. Freak out when I see a positive pregnancy test staring back at me? Complete with mascara running down my face and clutching my pearls.

Looks like things won’t go back to the way they were. There’s a man in my life that doesn’t take no for an answer. He’s the one who makes my blood run hot, cheeks turn red, and heart beat wildly within my chest. His name is Renegade.