Superheroes Aliens Robots Zombies by Mark Boss

Superheroes Aliens Robots Zombies by Mark BossSuperheroes Aliens Robots Zombies by Mark Boss
Series: SARZverse #1
Genres: Horror, Science Fiction
Pages: 171

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Alien invasion. Robot revolution. Zombie outbreak. All at the same time.

World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan--generations of war have killed most of our superheroes, so ordinary people like Special Agent Kyle Kane, Sergeant Starla Singer, and millions of others step forward to defend Earth. With the help of four rogue robots and the last heroes standing, humanity must unite or be destroyed.

It’s time to fight.

Downfail by George Donnelly

Downfail by George DonnellyDownfail by George Donnelly
Series: Failpocalypse #1
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 162

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No jobs. Robots took them. Citizens subsist on a basic income guarantee. They consume their lives in drug-fueled virtual reality gaming binges.

Ian Blake doesn't play games and he won't accept handouts. He needs to be productive and useful - but his creepy boss just fired the baby-saving hero and father of three.

Ian yearns to build his own robots now. But with a job offer in hand under his old boss in a government agency, he fights his family's callous material greed and his own self-doubt to build the future he thinks we all need.