The Blue Devil by Melynda Beth Andrews

The Blue Devil by Melynda Beth AndrewsThe Blue Devil by Melynda Beth Andrews
Series: The Regency Matchmaker #1
Genres: Historical, Romance
Pages: 426

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The Blue Devil is a dashing, brooding spy set to catch a traitor who uses a finishing school for young ladies as a base of operations. But he's having trouble keeping his mind on his mission, for one of the students reminds him too much of the mysterious Titania, a fairy queen who fled after they kissed at a glittering masquerade ball.

Kathryn St. David is pretending to be a student at the school in order to recover her dear auntie's lost diary, which contains a scandalous secret that could ruin them both. But she's horrified to discover that her roommate is the ward of the notorious, darkly attractive Marquis of Blackshire--who seems to be keeping secrets of his own. Will he recognize her as the fairy queen and expose her as the lady who kissed him like a strumpet in the moonlight?

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