The Darling Songbirds by Rachael Herron

The Darling Songbirds by Rachael HerronThe Darling Songbirds by Rachael Herron
Series: The Songbirds of Darling Bay #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 395

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The saloon had always looked old-fashioned, but now it resembled a set in a ghost town. The problem was that Adele wasn't in an old western, or a ghost town. Darling Bay was the sleepy gold-rush town her great-grandfather had given his name to.

The town she'd left for good a long time ago.

The building is a ruin, the business is broke and customers are scarce. Add into the mix Nate Houston - the handsome, guitar-playing bartender who had always believed he would be the next owner - and Adele has one potent cocktail on her hands.

Can a rundown saloon in a sleepy town finally offer Adele a way into love?