The Dead of Sanguine Night by Travis Simmons

The Dead of Sanguine Night by Travis SimmonsThe Dead of Sanguine Night by Travis Simmons
Series: Vantasyl Clan Vampire Hunter #0.5
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 51

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When death knows your name, there is no escape.

By day, Danthea is a thriving port city, full of life and laughter. At night, demon hunters go sword-to-teeth with monsters to keep humanity safe.

Margaret Vantasyl spends her days studying books and bestiaries, learning all she can about the monsters that plague the sleeping hours. It’s when the sun falls behind the horizon, and the moon reigns that her family takes to the streets to combat the surge of demons that threaten the safety of their city.

When countless young woman are found dead in abandoned homes, Margaret knows there’s something more sinister afoot than mindless vampires and scavenger ghouls. A creature that’s able to enslave the vampires and band the ghouls together in gangs.

All evidence points to a necromancer bending the living and the dead to its will.

But when Margaret is kidnapped, it will take all of her knowledge and skill as a hunter to defeat the vile sorceress. Will Margaret be able to save herself from becoming the necromancer's next victim? Or is she already good as dead?

This is a short prequel of 10,000 words.

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