The Elfmaid’s Curse by Warren Thomas

The Elfmaid’s Curse by Warren ThomasThe Elfmaid's Curse by Warren Thomas
Series: The Elfmaid Trilogy #1
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 313

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Warrior born, warrior bred, Sir Danic of Drakehorn has faced death, capture, dismemberment, and torture, but he is not prepared for this curse — trapped inside the body of a beautiful elfmaid!

Now she, as Danica, has one goal in life: hunt down and force the mage that traded bodies with her to switch them back. Her biggest problem might be the big, vicious world she lives in. A world of meddling gods, rogue mages and even wilder warriors is between Danica and her goal. With sword in hand, and determination in her heart, she traverses the savage steppes and desert to find the one talisman that might help her achieve victory. But is that what the gods want?

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