The Game by Terry Schott

The Game by Terry SchottThe Game by Terry Schott
Series: The Game is Life #1
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 288

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He didn’t know he was playing.

Zack was just living his life.
It was really a game.

When he started to ask questions, everything changed. Zack wasn’t supposed to figure it out. He could ruin everything.

Zack was disoriented when he woke up. They had welcomed him back. He didn’t know where he’d been. He just remembered being 74 and near death.

They said he was seventeen.

What was this “best score” they kept going on about?

Where was this place?

Who were these people?

And why did they keep talking about the next game?

You’ll love the first book in the series and get lost in the elaborate world created by Terry Schott. It will keep you turning pages until the end.