The Lost Star by Odette C. Bell

The Lost Star by Odette C. BellThe Lost Star by Odette C. Bell
Series: The Lost Star #1
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 209

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Some are born into responsibility. Some seek it out.

And some turn from it.

Ava is a priestess of Avixa, a powerful being with a powerful destiny to keep her people on the true and righteous path.

Yet it is a destiny she does not want. To flee it, she joins the Coalition Academy. But her past cannot so easily be left behind. When she joins the newest ship in the fleet, a series of unfortunate accidents befall her.

Soon she finds herself thrust into a secret war. One that will span the entire Milky Way. Yet she is not alone. The unpredictable Hunter McClane is by her side. Together they must find out what’s at stake before it’s too late.

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