The Marquess’ Temptation by Jessie Bennett

The Marquess’ Temptation by Jessie BennettThe Marquess' Temptation by Jessie Bennett
Series: Fairbanks Love & Hearts #0.5
Genres: Historical, Romance
Pages: 140

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A defying young man. A naive maid waiting to be loved. A temptation hard to resist. Secrets to hide or regrets for life.

Lord William is a rebellious man that defies all including his wife, but that doesn’t stop him from romancing the ton.

His brother is faced with the impossible—admit to a dalliance he didn’t have, or risk shaming his younger brother.

Lord Fairfield, William David Montgomery only choice—or so he assumes—is to use another man’s name in order to philander freely at society’s functions. However, the name he uses is the worst imaginable: his own older brother’s name.

Lord Abraham Montgomery is also a happily married man, the firstborn son of the Duke of Fairfield and standing to inherit his father’s title. If his brother’s escapades continue though, he will be forced to give up everything, as the scandal will ruin the family name forever. He must choose between loyalty and doing the right thing, especially when a young woman in the household is found to be with a Montgomery child.

Abigail is just a simple maid, working hard in a place where she is cherished, and sought after by the young and brash William. The handsome and charming young man manages to seduce her, but she believes that he’s his older brother, the heir to the family name.

Will Lord William stop to his roaming ways and mend things with his pretty wife before it’s too late to salvage the Montgomery name?

How will Lord Abraham get out of his predicament without sullying his own name—and that of his beloved father?