The Play by J.H. Croix

The Play by J.H. CroixThe Play by J.H. Croix
Series: Brit Boys Sports #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 248

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Playing ball is easy.
Falling in love is complicated.
A famous Brit footballer with a chip on his shoulder
A young doctor who wants nothing to do with a drool-worthy, cocky player.
She’s his doctor, the last woman he should fall for. But…he’s never been one to play by the rules.

The Play kicks off a sports romance series involving four soccer stars and the independent women who bring them to heel.

Liam Reed is just a little bit cranky. On the heels of a crushing loss for his team back in Britain, he finds himself loaned to a US team. A busted knee and a broken collarbone land him in the hospital where he takes one look at Olivia Bowen, the renowned surgeon assigned to make his knee good as new, and decides he must have her.

Olivia Bowen is an overachiever of the worst sort. Straight-A student – check. Bordering on crazy anxious because of always trying to be perfect at everything – check. Well, perfect at anything to do with being a doctor and an utter disaster at most everything else.

Olivia takes one look at Liam and almost goes running. The last thing she needs is the pressure to get him back on the field with nothing less than a perfect recovery. Even worse, she can hardly be in the same room with him because her body goes wild. Liam is powerfully drawn to the challenge Olivia offers, yet neither of them is prepared for their hearts getting in on the action.

*All novels in this series are full-length standalone novels with an HEA.

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