The Rose and The Thorn by Mischelle Creager

The Rose and The Thorn by Mischelle CreagerThe Rose and The Thorn by Mischelle Creager
Series: MacPherson Brides #1
Genres: Christian, Historical, Romance
Pages: 320

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She didn’t trust any man. He didn’t trust himself.

The death of Sarah Greer’s husband granted her two things—freedom from his abuse and his large estate. In hopes of freeing her younger brother from their controlling grandfather, the pair travels to the new mining town of Central City, only Sarah finds herself caught up in scheme that forces her to marry again.

The last thing widower Mac MacPherson wants is a marriage of convenience. Haunted by the past, the only reason he left his family’s Colorado ranch is to hunt down the last man to see his wife alive. But when he finds himself hitched to Sarah, he can’t ignore the woman who gets under his skin—or the sparks that fly when they’re together.

Can Sarah and Mac put the past behind them and find a future together?

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