The Taste of Revenge by Karen McManus

The Taste of Revenge by Karen McManusThe Taste of Revenge by Karen McManus
Series: Lucifer's Wings Motorcycle Club #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 107

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Bella Nouveaux fought tooth and nail to make it.

As an orphan left completely alone when her brother is killed in a gang initiation when she was nine, Bella had to scrap and steal to stay alive on the streets of Carmen Beach. Toughened by such a brutal upbringing, her grit and cunning have made her into one of the Soul Catchers MC's best drug runners.

Sander Knox is out for revenge.

When a rival gang murdered his partner and best friend, Sander became a man on a mission. As the young and handsome leader of the Lucifer’s Wings MC, he is about to embark on a quest for revenge that might prove deadly.

When he finds his chance to strike back – but falls in love– Sander faces an impossible decision.

Searching for vengeance against the Soul Catchers, Sander captures Bella. The immediate attraction between them is fierce, but as his gang brothers push him to avenge his partner’s death, Sander is forced to choose which is more important: revenge or love?

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