Touched By The White Bear by J.J. Jones

Touched By The White Bear by J.J. JonesTouched By The White Bear by J.J. Jones
Series: Snowflake #1
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 84

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When a man points a gun to her head and orders her to drive Tanisha fears for her safety.

But little does she know, he is not actually a man...but a Werebear.

Logan is one of a rare breed. A handsome bear shifter that can take on a Polar Bear appearance and the last of his kind. He is being hunted by the FBI who claim he is a danger to society. But he claims the opposite.

Can Tanisha trust this musclebound, mysterious stranger? And is there more to this situation then meets the eye?

Warning: This book contains scenes of a sexual nature and should only be read by adults 18+

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