Two Week Surrender by Hayson Manning

Two Week Surrender by Hayson ManningTwo Week Surrender by Hayson Manning
Series: Hot Nights in Montana #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 140

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Savannah Williams is getting out of dodge and heading to Hawaii. She’s done with men thinking they can control her. She didn’t expect Walker Hammond to swagger his gorgeous butt into her diner and look at her like she’s his favorite candy and he wouldn’t mind a taste. The same man who threw her away years earlier without a backward glance. He may want a taste, but he can want as much as he likes.

Walker Hammond is back in town for two weeks only. He crosses a line when he pays off Savannah’s debt. This quick-thinking businessman who never sticks a relationship has a fake plan. If Savannah can teach him to be domesticated, the debt will be wiped, and he’ll walk away. But he didn’t count on her curves, her attitude that fires his blood or the way she makes him feel alive, for the first time in years.

With explosive heat building between them, they agree to friends with benefits until the rules change. One wants a shot at love. One wants freedom. Who will surrender?