Vengeance Be Mine by Louisa Lo

Vengeance Be Mine by Louisa LoVengeance Be Mine by Louisa Lo
Series: Vengeance Demons #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 310

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Everyone knows that revenge is a dish that’s best served cold—and no one serves it better than vengeance demons. Intelligent, fastidious, and precise, vengeance demons deliver justice to those who deserve it, and demon-born Megan wants nothing more than to be licensed as one of them.

But Megan is half trickster: a chaotic, free spirit the polar opposite of the straight-laced vengeance demons. Megan is convinced that the only way she can possibly be accepted by the vengeance society is to escape her unsavory other half. The only problem is that her trickster blood just may hold the key to saving the world…

Hilarious, clever, and entirely original, VENGEANCE BE MINE is a fantastical ride through a world of magic, curses, phone-order grim reapers, internships (literally) from Hell, and so much more.

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