Whispers From Exile by C.E. Kilgore

Whispers From Exile by C.E. KilgoreWhispers From Exile by C.E. Kilgore
Series: Corwint Central Agent Files #2
Genres: Romance, Science Fiction
Pages: 378

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A love forbidden, and some would say impossible, forges between two friends as one struggles for the freedom of his people, and the other struggles for freedom from the confining construct of his mechanical existence.

The Ruisks were once a fierce and proud race with courageous spirits, but after over a century of being held captive under the oppressive leash of the Xen'dari Empire, they have become defeated, hollow shells that bow their heads in submission. Larx fights to help his people find their courage again as he seeks the courage to be true to the callings of his heart.

Torque has been a Central Agent for over one hundred and thirty years. Each day is defined by the protocols embedded into the subroutines of his Mechatronic mind. Orders are followed without question and his personal life is never put before the directives of the agency. After learning a groundbreaking truth, he fights to hold on to Larx and a bond that threatens to change his directive-driven world forever.

In Book 2, the rippling effects caused by Orynn's existence continue to move through the universe in unforeseen and unpredictable ways. Whispers of her aura linger, and the lives she touched continue to move the story of the universe forward. Follow the stories of the Central Agents as they continue to search for the truths about their universe and about themselves.

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