Wishful Thinking by Mindy Klasky

Wishful Thinking by Mindy KlaskyWishful Thinking by Mindy Klasky
Series: As You Wish #0.5
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 70

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Actress Kelly Reilly knew she’d chosen a tough career, but she’d always found success with her boyfriend, Rob Cornell, at her side. When Rob accepts a role in New York City without a word of discussion, though, Kelly is thrown for a loop.

Rescue soon arrives in the form of a genie, complete with magical wishes to turn the tide. But Kelly’s first wish goes dramatically awry.

Kelly is desperate to right that wrong—not to mention getting her love life back on track and advancing her career. Can she negotiate her genie’s trickster ways? Or will her hopes amount to nothing more than wishful thinking?

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