Your Gravity by L.G. Castillo

Your Gravity by L.G. CastilloYour Gravity by L.G. Castillo
Series: Your Gravity #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 184

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Catapult back to the 1980s where “Girls Just Wanna have Fun” and “Love is a Battlefield” in this light and fun professor-student romantic comedy with a time travel twist.

Neglected by parents who care more about their music career and reputation, Nicole Ashford breaks free from their demands and heads to college in Texas. Ready for a fresh start in life, she runs into Professor Cooper, and her world tilts off its axis. There's something about the brooding professor that pulls her in like gravity.

A teacher-student affair is the last thing on Nicole’s mind. She tries to keep Cooper out of her head, but his hypnotic blue eyes follow her every move, and she can’t shake the feeling that she knows him. Cooper keeps his distance, until one night when he drives her home, and she’s suddenly hurtled to a place she never thought possible—1984.

This teacher student romance unfolds over three volumes with cliffhangers.

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