All for Anna by Nicole Deese

All for Anna by Nicole DeeseAll for Anna by Nicole Deese
Series: Letting Go #1
Genres: Christian, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 289

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An empowering love story about letting go of guilt and holding on to hope.
When Tori Sales, a 23 year-old trauma nurse returns home, she's determined to escape the painful memories that haunt her still...two years after the loss of Anna. But not even the distraction of a new job, an overbearing family, or a therapist who won't take no for an answer can lessen the guilt trapped inside her.
After a chance encounter with a compassionate fireman, Tori sets out on a journey to find closure where she needs it most. But when a shocking revelation threatens the relationship she's come to rely on, Tori is forced to make another life-altering decision. Will she stay with the man she loves or will she choose the escape she knows best...