Amongst The Flames by T.K. Chapin

Amongst The Flames by T.K. ChapinAmongst The Flames by T.K. Chapin
Series: Embers and Ashes #1
Genres: Christian, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 278

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Firefighter Cole Taylor is the man everyone looks up to at Firehouse 9 in downtown Spokane. He’s been at the department for ten years and has no fear when it comes to dangerous situations.

Megan Taylor, Cole’s wife, is a stay-at-home mother of their two boys. She was everything Cole ever wanted in a woman and the perfect wife any man could ask for until one day when she decides to leave Cole.

Cole has fought hundreds of fires in his lifetime, but he had never tasted fear until he came to fighting a fire in his own home.

Amongst The Flames is a Christian firefighter fiction that tackles real-life situations and problems that exist in Christian marriages today. It brings with it passion, love and spiritual depth that will leave you feeling inspired.