Awakening by Randal Sloan

Awakening by Randal SloanAwakening by Randal Sloan
Series: Near Future #1
Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller
Pages: 220

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A young woman awakens from a coma and finds she has special abilities and with that, special challenges!

Not only must she deal with total memory loss after awakening from her coma, Miranda Summerlin discovers that as the first patient treated with nanites, she has been given special abilities. Attending the nearby Space Academy, she uses her newfound mental genius to work on cutting edge astrophysics. Joining the school shooting competition team after discovering she excels at it, Miranda intends to keep her skills low key, but when terrorists attack the school, only she can prevent it.

Miranda struggles as she has drawn unwanted attention from the star of the girls' soccer team at school. But Miranda will soon be faced with more difficulties as her growing skills are required to face her true nemesis, a rogue Organization that wants her nanites. She will need help to escape their agent. In the process, she will discover her true identity. But what is the cost for her rescue?

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