Barely A Bride by Rebecca Hagan Lee

Barely A Bride by Rebecca Hagan LeeBarely A Bride by Rebecca Hagan Lee
Series: Free Fellows League #1
Genres: Historical, Romance
Pages: 303

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Can a lady tempt a Free Fellow to surrender his heart?

As a founding member of the Free Fellows League—a group of four gentlemen who signed a pledge to never wed when they were lads—Griffin, Viscount Abernathy, swears that he will put off marrying as long as possible. But when he is suddenly called off to war, he has no choice but to obey his father’s wishes and find a wife…

Just days later, he marries the lovely Lady Alyssa. For a man committed only to his freedom, she seems a perfect—and perfectly undemanding—bride. Intelligent and self-sufficient, Alyssa craves her independence just as much as Griffin loves his. But as the irresistible attraction between them flourishes with every look and touch, they discover there is something they desire even more than a loveless marriage of convenience—the passion they find in each other’s arms…

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