Blackbeard’s Freedom by Jeremy McLean

Blackbeard’s Freedom by Jeremy McLeanBlackbeard's Freedom by Jeremy McLean
Series: The Voyages of Queen Anne's Revenge #1
Genres: Historical
Pages: 363

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Edward didn’t know he had bought a former pirate ship, and when the marine captain Isaac Smith threatened to take it, and his freedom, away he takes matters into his own hands.

Edwards action sends him, and his best friend Henry Morgan, running from the law on an adventure across the historical Caribbean & Latin America. The two will have to fight not only to stay alive, but to stay free during the so-called “Golden Age” of piracy.

Edward also finds that half the ship he bought is locked, and in their place riddles and clues left by the previous owner. Edward and his crew must solve the riddles, follow the clues, and face games of life and death before they can claim the keys to the rest of their ship. And all the while, a certain marine captain is breathing down their necks and taking aim at their lives.

Will Edward and Henry embrace the life that’s been thrust upon them, or will they crash against the rocks of their misfortune? See how the pirate Blackbeard came to be the scourge of the Caribbean Sea and beyond, and follow him on his fantasy adventures full of pirates, privateers, and everything in between in The Voyages of Queen Anne’s Revenge!

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