Dark Under the Cover of Night by Jayne Castel

Dark Under the Cover of Night by Jayne CastelDark Under the Cover of Night by Jayne Castel
Series: The Kingdom of the East Angles #1
Genres: Historical, Romance
Pages: 231

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In a world where to go against a king's word means death--she must decide if forbidden love is worth the risk.

Raedwyn--daughter of King Raedwald of the East Angles--has just wed one of her father's ealdorman. Although highborn women wed to strengthen political alliances, rather than for love, Raedwyn still hopes for a happy marriage like that of her parents'. But her optimism is shattered on her wedding night, for her new husband is callous and rough.

Raedwyn's life shifts unexpectedly when outlaws ambush her husband's party on their journey back to his long ship. She finds herself captive of a bitter, vengeful warrior who has a score to settle with her father. Raedwyn is his bargaining tool.

Caelin, the outlaw's enigmatic son, follows his father on his quest for revenge. Fiercely loyal to her own father, Raedwyn isn't prepared for her wild attraction to Caelin--or for its consequences. Their love is forbidden--but it will not be denied.

This first instalment in Jayne Castel's THE KINGDOM OF THE EAST ANGLES series is for fans of Historical Fiction, Historical Romance and Adventure. Readers who love Diana Gabaldon, Bernard Cornwell and Elizabeth Chadwick should enjoy this epic romance adventure set in Dark Ages Britain. Although each novel follows on historically, this series can be read as separate, standalone, romances.

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