Fanghunters by Leo Romero

Fanghunters by Leo RomeroFanghunters by Leo Romero
Series: Fanghunters #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 137

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Vampires suck. Seriously...

After breaking free from vamp enslavement, Dominic Dempsey vows to protect others from the same fate. Goodbye Victim Dom, hello Fanghunter Dom.

Freedom is awesome... but it doesn't pay the rent. Luckily, Dom stumbles across an opportunity that will change his life forever. Enter mysterious billionaire, Vincent Beauchamp. Beauchamp needs a vampire slayer, Dom needs a job. And this billionaire promises a handsome pay.

Dom gets straight on the case. He’s ready for the challenge. Just storm in there, stake the vamp, get back to Beauchamp and it's payday. Easy right? If only. This Fanghunting stuff ain't as simple as it sounds. The closer Dom gets to his target, the more the danger cranks up, his life pushed even further on the line. Sucked into the most dangerous fight of his life, Dom has to give it his all if he’s gonna survive.

And as for Beauchamp, is there more to him than meets the eye? Does he have an even bigger agenda?

And if so, will Dom live long enough to find out what it is?

Let the hunt begin.

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