Hard Irish Luck by Jennifer Saints

Hard Irish Luck by Jennifer SaintsHard Irish Luck by Jennifer Saints
Series: Weldon Brothers #3
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 317

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Hard hat in hand, Jared Weldon goes undercover, but the answers he finds at McKenna Construction leaves him drowning in passion — and hard up against a killer...

Hardcore, fast-car-and-wild-women bachelor, Jared Weldon, is sure McKenna Construction is being underhanded. That is the only way the company could be under bidding him and edging his company to bankruptcy. He goes with his twin and business partner to a roadside bar intent on milking information about R. McKenna’s practices from the man’s crew. Before he can make the first connection, a woman catches his eye and he ends up in a bar fight with her ex, but not before he steals a forbidden, roll-on-the-bar-floor kiss from her and comes close to having the best five seconds of his life. Little did he know, as his hard Irish luck would have it, he was holding his competitor in his arms.

In the three years since her divorce, Rocky McKenna has kept her nose to the grindstone and dodged any and all emotions or physical entanglements with the opposite sex. She has more important things to do in life. Despite setbacks and tragedy, she has worked hard to make McKenna Construction thrive during difficult times. But now, her body is clamoring for more and Jared’s masterful kiss is the spark that ignites her suppressed passions.

The day after the kiss Jared hunts Rocky McKenna down at the jobsite she outbid him on. He isn’t even sure what his is going to say, he just knows he has to see her again. He shows up in time to save her from being seriously injured by an “accident” on the job, but is slightly injured himself. He is sure someone is out to kill her. Rocky takes Jared for medical help, and he decides he’ll use the guise of his older brother’s security company and convinces her she needs his bodyguard services.

Rocky is sure her life isn’t in danger, but she can’t resist having more time with this man who has swept her off her feet. The meeting of their passions, and Jared’s intense love making, take her to new sexual heights and opens the door to her solitary heart. But more “accidents” occur and it isn’t hard Irish luck at work. Suddenly, as people around her die, Rocky and Jared are in a battle for their lives as they race to uncover the deadly secrets lurking beneath the surface of her seemingly normal life.

Both Jared and Rocky are in for some hard lessons about life and love, but will they discover the treacherous murderer in their midst too late to survive?

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