Love, Even If It Hurts by Tamicka Higgins

Love, Even If It Hurts by Tamicka HigginsLove, Even If It Hurts by Tamicka Higgins
Series: City of Dreams #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 76

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The beauty’s in the fall…

For Autumn, the education she’s getting from books just isn’t helping her in the life she leads. After all, a young black woman needs to learn a lot more than just what comes from school. With graduation coming up and college right around the corner, she’s got a lot to learn—lessons that no teacher ever taught her.

Now, she must ignore the constant fighting and wars between her parents, and start focusing on herself. When she falls for a man, he leads her down paths she has no business going. But with each climb she makes to the top, the farther she falls. Will Autumn get the hardest education of all and learn to see the beauty in the fall?

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